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Abraham Verghese is a sought-after speaker at forums across the globe, and to a large extent, his message is a continuing emphasis on the patient-physician relationship and its vital place in the practice of medicine even in a time of huge advances in medical technology.

The Story After the Story: Humanism and Medicine Post-COVID

Stanford Frontiers in Medicine | September 2020
Abraham Verghese at Frontiers in Medicine 2020

Abraham Verghese and Denise Pope: How Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

On Being with Krista Tippett | May 2019

Today young people are trying to balance the question of “What do I want to do when I grow up?” with the question of “Who and how do I want to be in the world?”

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The Great Lie that Tells the Truth

TEDx Stanford | May 2015

When Dr. Verghese, professor for the theory and practice of medicine, meets a new patient, it is often the story of the person’s life that most informs their interactions. Sometimes even if he cannot cure, he can still heal.

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TEDx Stanford 2015

Hope for Hands-on Medicine in the EMR Era

MedScape | April 2015

At the opening session of the 2015 American College of Cardiology (ACC) Scientific Sessions in March, the Simon Dack lecture by Abraham Verghese, MD, was titled, “I Carry Your Heart,” after an ee cummings poem. In addressing cardiologists, the best-selling author and physician noted that the words of the poem define what “heart” means outside of a meeting like this. John M. Mandrola, MD, sat down with Dr Verghese to discuss hands-on medicine and training the next generation of clinicians.

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Where Have Our Relationships Gone?

MedScape | March 2015

The keynote lecture at the ACC was by Dr. Abraham Verghese, an infectious disease specialist, who is the vice chairman of medicine at Stanford Medical School, where Dr. Robert Harrington, of Medscape, is the chairman. Dr. Verghese spoke about the relationship of patients to physicians and how much has been lost in the medical treatment of patients.

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Time lines: A conversation with Abraham Verghese

Stanford Medicine | Spring 2015

A simple dignity envelopes writer Abraham Verghese, MD. A calm quietness about this Stanford professor of medicine conveys both strength and vulnerability. You have a sense as soon as you meet him, and especially when you get to know him, that there’s great depth here.

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Rituals, Metaphors and Medicine in a Tech Age

Health Forward, Athens | September 2014

Abraham Verghese, prof. of Medicine at Stanford University, is a fierce advocate of the physician-patient interaction which extends beyond medicine and the ritual of examining the patient that is all about transformation. He is in favor of the bedside diagnosis and physical diagnosis in an era of big data and increasingly sophisticated medical technology, where computer-based information often supersedes the patient’s story…

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Health Forward 2014

Abraham Verghese Honored as Both Author and Healer

Scope, from Stanford Medicine | February 2014

Several times I’ve heard Stanford physician Abraham Verghese, MD, champion of hands-on medicine and bestselling author, answer the question: Which does he considers himself first – a doctor or an author?

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Scope, from Stanford Medicine

A Linguistic Prescription for Ailing Communication

TEDMED | May 2014

Abraham Verghese, Provostial Professor and Vice Chair for the Theory and Practice of Medicine at Stanford University’s School of Medicine, shares a compelling and original perspective on the impact of language on medicine.

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You Reap What You Sew

Jaipur Literature Festival | July 2013

Abraham verghese in conversation with Rick Simoson on his novel “Cutting for stone”

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Princess Di’s Handshake

BBC Radio-4 | August 2013

In the face of modern technology, academics and healthcare professionals share their experiences, as Peter Shevlin explores how important human touch is in healthcare.

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BBC Radio-4

Reviving the Culture of Bedside Care

America’s Essential Hospitals | July 2012

Abraham Verghese, MD, gave the opening keynote speech for the National Association of Public Hospitals and Health System’s 2012 Annual Conference. The bestselling author of “Cutting for Stone” and professor at Stanford University discussed the role and ritual of bedside care. He gives a brief history of the practice of medicine and emphasized the physical exam, which he calls a partnership between provider and patient, “a ritual at the heart of health care.”

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July 2013 National Association of Public Hospital

Taking Care, with Patients and the Written Word

Minneapolis Star Tribune | October 2012

Dr. Abraham Verghese brings the human touch to both his jobs — practicing medicine and writing books.

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Minneapolis Star Tribune

Verghese Fears for Ethiopia

National Public Radio | August 2012

In an interview with NPR, Abraham Verghese comments on the impact of the death of Ethiopian leader Meles Zenawi.

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A Doctor’s Touch

TED Global Conference in Scotland | July 2011

In this famously short TED presentation in Edinburgh, Abraham Verghese makes the case for the patient-physician relationship through walking his audience through the history of medicine to present day practices. In January, 2013, it reached the milestone of one million views.

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July 2011: TED Global Conference in Scotland
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